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3rd April 2013


We finished the unit of feelings and emotions. We created faces representing the different emotions and feelings that we experience.

The week before Spring Break we started with how to tell time. This week we will complete the Unit learning how to tell time, telling at what time we do things and creating a chart with the different actions we do during the day and at what time we do them.


The week before Spring Break we learnt how to describe ourselves and other people. This week we will create a story with the help of a Spanish book we have read. With nouns, verbs and adjectives we will develop our own book and story. At the end of the week we will be able to present our stories with ilustrations and full sentences in present simple tenses.


The week before Spring Break we were completing the Project of Tykal.

This week we will create a story with the help of a Spanish book we have read. With nouns, verbs and adjectives we will develop our own book and story. At the end of the week we will be able to present our stories with ilustrations and full sentences in present simple tenses.

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13th March 2013

Progress report was just released. Those students that are missing homeworks or assignments can turn those in. 4th and 5th graders will have 20% in those works for being late and 6th grades will have a 40% decrease in those assignments.

This week we are working with;


We have just started with how are we feeling and ask others about their feelings. We will work with feelings and states of mind. We will be able to tell things like I am tired, I am cold, I am hungry….etc, and to ask others to express how they are doing.

We will do exercises using art and oral activities to reinforce the objectives of the lesson.


At the end of this lesson we will be able to describe people’s personalities,  people’s physical appearance and also we will be able to express comparations of superiority and inferiority.

We will create a a personal profile with our own description of ourselves and also we will describe a somebody of our election.


We are working with the political organization of  Tykal and Chicago. Students will create a visual description of the duties and responsabilities of the diferent leaders of both cities. Each representative will have a a sentence where we will use the present simple of the verb, also a sentence with a command and the title in Spanish. Everything will have a visual display.

This project will be the end of the Unit that works this Professions.

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15th February 2013


This week we worked with temperatures and weather and we learnt to convert Fahrenheit into Celsius. We completed the first homework. We changed the temperatures of five American cities into Celsius.


This week we work with cloths and we created a budget of $400 to dress to out monster for winter and spring. We completed the first homework of the list of cloths fo winter and spring with the prices. We will display those clothes with prices and color in Spanish.


We worked with professions, actions and conjugations. This week we completed the first and second homeworks. The professions with infinitives and the conjugation with I and he/she and and also four professions, two from the old times and two from nowadays, we have three questions about those jobs.

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Summary of homeworks and assigments!

20th December 2012



This week we started working with the unit:  ” La Escuela”. We will learn the different places of the school, how to go to the different places of the school.

These are the works we have so far that count for progress report:

1- The 2013 Spanish calendar.

2- A drawing for each of these community places:  el cine, el supermercado, el parque, la escuela, la casa, la tienda. Also, one sentence for each place saying what day of the day I go to that place. Example: Yo voy al cine el domingo. All the sentences in Spanish.

3- The student will have to cut six stripes of paper and he/she will write a sentence saying where he/she goes and what day of the day he/she goes. One sentence on each stripe. Everything in Spanish.

4- The map of a school

5- The world map of the school

Ray University


 These are the works for we have been working with; they will count  for progress report:

1- The skeleton with the body parts in Spanish.

2- The visual draft of the project Myself and my world.

3- The geometrical shapes (two rectagulars, two triangles, two circles and one square) with the six verbs on one side and the six sentences on the other for each of the seven cathegories of the final project.

4- The final project of Myself with the visuals, drawings or pictures, also the writing information for the seven cathegories: La comunidad, la escuela, la familia, la salud, los amigos, las aficiones and la comida

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This post is for my 4th grade students, my Spanish minor students and my Spanish mayor students (in that order)

27th November 2012



This Monday was the date-line to turn in the calendar for 2013 in Spanish. This calendar is an assigment and assigments are 40% of the final grade. There are some students that have not turned them in yet.

This week we will work :

-to talk to places and to talk about where we go on different days of the week.




We are working with the project about ourselves. Last week and this week we are working with:

– La Escuela, the school and these are the following verbs that we will use to talk about ourselves at the school:

1-Aprender (to learn)     2-  trabajar (to work)       3- pensar (to think)     4-  conseguir (to acomplish)     5- escuchar ( to listen)     6- leer (to read).

– La Familia, and these are the verbs that we will use to talk about ourselves and our families:

1- amar (to love)     2- establecer (to bond)    3- confiar     (to trush)     4- discutir (to argue)     5- apoyar (to support)     6- cuidar (to care)

Students will create sentences in Spanish using the 12 verbs. Each sentence will have a subject + verb+ complement.

So far we have two homeworks:

-The skeleton with the body parts in Spanish

– The visual design of the project about Ourselves.



We are working with the project of the short movie.

This week we need to have the story in English with  fifteen Spanish words  inserted in the text. Seven of those 15 words have to be verbs.

We will start working with the second part of the project that is to have eight different drawings that will represent the eight different shots that our short movies will have. Each drawing will have, at least,   a sentence in Spanish with the translation in English. Those sentences will be the lines of the short movie. In addition to that we need to specify  the type of camera shot we will be using  for each shot .

The previous information will be the work of this week.


So far we have two icebreakers and two homeworks (icebreakers and homeworks are 30% of the final grade)



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El jueves es el Día de Acción de Gracias!

19th November 2012



We are working with días de la semana (days of the week),  meses (months) and fechas importantes (important dates)

We have the first assignment of this new marking period:

Students will create a 2013 calendar and this calendar will have: 

– The twelve months with the name of the month in Spanish

– the days of the week for each month in Spanish

– One important date for each month

– Drawings or pictures to make the calendar personal and unique.

DATELINE:  26TH, November, Monday




We are working with the project of Myself. In this project we have seven  different cathegories : Mi familia (my family), mis amigos (my friends), mi salud (my health), mi comida (my food), mis aficiones (my hobbies), la escuela (the school) and mi comunidad (my comunity).

We will write about each cathegory and we will create a poster with all the information

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!Hola! !Report Card está muy cerca! Report Card is very close!

26th October 2012

This week we are working with animals and colors and we have a new assigment, the dateline for that assigment is Tuesday 3oth, October. Please, go to the Assigment/Trabajos 4th grade section to see the details of the assigment.

I want to remember that some students were missing homeworks and assigments when Progress Report came and that gave them a low grade. They still can turn the homeworks and assigments but THE LAST DAY TO TURN  MISSING ASSIGMENTS AND HOMEWORKS IN  IS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH. After that day I will not accept assigments for the first quarter! (homeworks is 30%, assigments 40% and daily work 30% of the final grade)

!Deseo que todo esté bien con todos Ustedes!

Have a great week!


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16 de Octubre 2012

17th October 2012



progress report is already here. Those students that did not turn in all the homeworks and the assignment still can turn them in to change and improve their grade . If the students do not make up those assignments the grade will not improve.

We do have two new homeworks. You can go to the Homework/Trabajo link and see the description of both homeworks.


These week we are working with the construction in Spanish of “How much/how many?, There is/there are.


Have a beautiful week!

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8th October 2012

This Wednesday is the last day for 4th grade students to:

– to turn in the assigment we did (the flag of one Hipanic Speaking Country).

– to turn in the homework/trabajo sheet with the three homeworks we did these first weeks of school.

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1st October 2012





This week we will work in the 4th grade class with:

– Identify  classroom objects

– Inquire about someone

– Identifying hispanic flags

– Use numbers in everyday situations

– Geography vocabulary


We already have one assignment (the first one), you can see the description of it if you go to the page Assignment/Trabajos in this blog. Also, we have three tareas/homeworks that you can see in the link of homeworks/tareas.


Have a great week!

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!Hola, hola, hola de nuevo!

27th September 2012


Hello again Ray family!


This week in 4th grade class we worked with greetings, with numbers and with Spanish speaking countries. We are learning where all those countries are located. 

For the third homework, the studetns have to write the name of the country in Spanish in a empty map I provided of the Americas.

Please, por favor, check the spanish binder  with your child; I am encouraging them to keep their binders organized, it will be much easier for them to follow the class, to follow their notes and also they will feel proud of themselves.

Por favor, check the PAGE homework/tarea to see the description of the three homeworks/tareas we have so far. 

! Qué tengan un fin de semana muy bonito!, have a beautiful weekend1

The picture was taken this summer in a small town in Cataluña (España)! Great window!

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24th September 2012

! Hola  a toda la familia de Ray!  We have started the new academic year. We have two world lenguages this year: Spanish and Latin. All fourth grade students were able to choose the language they wanted and both classes are  very balanced.

Last Wednesday 19th I started my 4th grade class. These are basic guidelines for the class:

1-    Each student will need a binder for the class where assigments, homeworks, notes and photocopies must be kept.

2-    Each student received a Spanish book from me  ” !Hola! !Viva el español!”. This book must be kept in the classroom and turned back at the end of the year.

3-    I will be integrating Social Studies with my Spanish class.

4-    Students will received a grade based on:

        A-      HOMEWORKS     30%

        B-      ASSIGMENTS      40%

       C-       DAILY WORK      30%

       For homeworks, students were given today a photocopy were they will monitor all the homeworks we have to do and all the ones they have completed (ask your child about it). In this blog , under  PAGE, click on HOMEWORK/TAREA  and there you will find the homeworks with the title of each one and the date the homeworks were given.

      I will have another page for ASSSIGMENTS /  TRABAJOS  where you can click and see the description of the assigments / trabajos and the date-lines for them.

     If  you go to the section  LINKS  you will watch videos, pictures, readings, learning tools like dictionaries  that, in one way or another, will have  connections with the Spanish class and the values of the  class. Right now you can watch two awsome videos  and you have two online dictionaries.

These days we have been working with greetings in Spanish , hispanic speaking countries and geographic vocabulary in Spanish.

I really recommend you to check your child’s Spanish binder once a week to know what we are doing in class and to see how is your child doing.

If you need to contact me, this is my e-mail:

I will add a new post very soon for those students that chose Spanish at Ray University



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