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! Felices Fiestas de Invierno!

15th December 2009

Good morning Dear parents and guardians. I hope that you were warm last week and did not suffer the adversities of the cold weather.
Last week we turned the Assignment Sheets and the students got their grades for progress report. For the most part it was a success but still there are some students that need to turn some assignments in to improve their grades.
During this week and after winter break I am going to contact the parents/guardians of those students that have assignments to turn in to let them know that the child needs extra efford and they can still turn those missing assignments. Also, this week students will receive the new assignment sheet where they, you and me will monitor the working process of the students.
This week we have the Winter Holiday and two classes are performing Mexican dances; my class is 301 and I am pretty sure thatt they are going to enjoy a lot and perform like real professional dancers, I can’t wait to see the smiles in their faces while they dance. !Buena suerte para ellos!
Winter break is a time to relax, enjoy the company of the love ones and time to watch movies too and there is where the students can still be connected with the Spanish language; I recommend that your child watch some movies in Spanish, if you can’t get real movies in the target language you can change the set up of the dvd and put the Spanish option on; normaly you get subtitles in English and the speaking is in Spanish; I do really recommend this activity as a way of being in touch with the language.
!Perfecto! Espero que tengan unos días muy felices en companía de los seres queridos y nos vemos a la vuelta de las vacaciones. !Disfruten mucho de la vida!
I hope you have very happy days with your love ones and we will see after vacations. Enjoy life a lot!

!Felices Fiestas!


Mr. Martín

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Aprende espanol conmigo!

7th December 2009

Hola queridos padres y guardianes,

this week I will be checking the Assignment Sheet in class, except class 301 (I hope that your child took  a copy of a meno where I explained that every student has an Assignment Sheet where they, you and I will be monitoring the pieces of works that we are doing and  they need to have completed); if you see my initials next to the assignments that means that the piece of work was completed susccessfuly; if not, the student knows what it has to be change.

They need to turn the Assignment Sheet at the end of this week (December 11th) with their names and classroom number. I will turn them back next week with the grade on it.

Datelines for turning Assignment Sheet:

Thursday 10th Class 310

Friday 11th Classes 314/304/307/302/309/315

Also, this week we will be working on:

4th Graders

Animales, colores y formas geométricas

Animals, colors and geometrical shapes.

5th Gradres

Descripcciones físicas y personales de nosotros.

Physical and personal descriptions of ourselves

Room 301 will keep practising the dance for the Winter Assambly on December 15th.

6th Graders

We starting a new unit: La ciudad/the city

We will learn:

 -the names of places in a city

 -to discuss ways of getting around in a city and elsewhere

 -To find out how to ask for things

 -To learn how to give commnads , instructions, and directions

!Que tengan una semana muy productiva y maravillosa!

Have a very productive and marvellous week!

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