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! El Invierno está con nosotros!

12th January 2010

Hola familia de Ray, ¿cómo están Ustedes esta semana? (ask your child if you do not know the meaning)

How are you?, I hope you have a beautiful week and weekend, !Qué frio hace estos días! But here at Ray we are warm and learning everyday.

Queridos padres y guardianes this is the learning plan for the week:


We will create a ‘zoológico‘ . The students have a list of diez (10) animales and they have to make a drawing for each of them and also they will have to describe them (‘color y forma’ color and shape).

Example: La jirafa es naranja, alta y delgada.

The students will cut the drawings with the written descriptions off and in a folder I will provide they will design their ‘zoológico‘. They will finish the assignment before the end of the week.


We continue with the unidad La Casa. We will learn the vocabulary of the casa, fuera y dentro, the name of the different rooms and parts of the house, outside and inside. Also, the students will make a map of their own house/apartment, laveling each of the rooms; in addition to that they will messure each room, finding out the perimeter  in ‘pies’ y ‘metros’.

!Buena suerte chicos y chicas!


We are creating our own ‘barrio‘ en ‘la ciudad’ (neiborhood/city).

We will learn the different activities we can do in the different ‘lugares públicos’ (public places) and we will learn how to give commands, instructions, and directions.

!Muchas gracias y disfruten la semana!


Thank you very much and enjoy the week!

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! FELIZ AñO 2010!

7th January 2010

“Hola” to all Ray family members. I hope that you had great peaceful and rewarding days. Now, ‘invierno‘ is here and we need ‘botas‘, ‘bufanda‘ y guantes’ because is cold…a great time to ‘aprender’‘leer’ and  to spend time with the love ones.

For those ‘estudiantes’ that did not complete all the assignments of the last progress report, they can finish and turn them in and their grade will change. The end of the quarter is ‘el 29 de enero’ (January 29th); students have to turn their new assignment sheet ( they have already got their new one) with their works “el 27 de enero” (January 27th).


We are going to work with “animales‘, ‘colores‘ and ‘adjetivos descriptivos” (‘grande‘, ‘pequeño‘, ‘largo‘, ‘corto‘, ‘flaco‘ and ‘gordo‘).We will ‘describe and draw animals where we can practise all the target  vocabulary.


We will start the unit of  ‘la casa’; we will learn all the ‘habitaciones‘ and different names of all the parts of the house; At the end the students will have to ‘diseñar’ their own house.


We started the unit of  ‘la ciudad‘ before the break and we are retaking it. We are building our own ‘barrio’ with all the ‘lugares públicos’ and also we are learning  ‘acciones’ that we normaly do in those public places.


If you do not know the meaning of the Spanish words that you find in this post, ask your ‘niño/niña’ and both of you will be able to figure it out and you will learn them.


Un Saludo (greetings)


El Señor Martín

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