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Grados, projectos, asambleas, maratones y muchas gracias.

19th October 2010

!Hola familia Ray! ¿Cómo están? Espero que muy bien

Aquí estoy con mi amigo venezolano Eduardo unos minutos antes de correr el marathon de Chicago 10-10-10

First, I have to say muchas gracias from the bottom of my heart to all the estudiantes y profesores from third floor for the amazing and inspiring moments that all of you gave us, Ms. Wejman and me, Thursday before going home and before the marathon on domingo el diez de octubre del 2010, 10-10-10. All that cheering and support for these two humble runners was unbeliable, I have one of my most emotional moments of my life, it was simply sin precio (priceless).

The race was preciosa (beautiful) but dura (hard) too and in those moments when I felt really cansado it was when I thought about all of you and that got me coraje (courage) and energía to keep going. Part of my éxito (success) is because of you,  !muchísimas gracias otra vez!

Last semana (week) we finished all the assignments and the estudiantes got their grades; for the most part, results were buenos but there are some estudiantes that did not turn all the assignments and they got a low grado (grade); those estudiantes that haven’t turned all their trabajos (assignments) can still do it and their grado will go arriba (up).

Esta semana (this week) we are working muy duro (very hard) in the projects for the El Mes de La Hispanidad (the Hispanic Heritage month). La fecha de entrega es el lunes 25 de octubre (Monday 25th) and even when los estudiantes tienen la rubrica de los trabajos (students have the rubric of the projects) I am going to write them in the post:

Grado 4

Los estudiantes have already chosen un país hispano (hispanic country) and they have to create a brochure with elements like:

país (country), mapa (map), población (population), capital (capital), moneda (currency), gobierno (goverment),  música (music), lugares para visitar (places to visit), gastronomía (gastronomy,food), ciudades más importantes (most important cities), religiones mayoritarias (major religions), deportes mayoritarios (major sports)…and open for more elementos (elements); At least, brochures need to have nueve (nine) elements, more than nueve is welcome.

At least, the names of the elements must be in español.

Grado 5

Los estudiantes have a Hispanic writer and they have to make a book of that writer where the following elements must be present:

1- Portada (cover)

2- Contraportada (backcover)

2- Indice/contenido (table of contents)

3- Biografía del author (biography of the author)

4- Lista de las obras más importantes del escritor (list of the most important works of the writer)

5- Un resumen de tres obras importantes (a summary of three important works)

6- Un cierre del libro (a closing )

At least, all the titles of the pages must be in español.

Grado 6

Los estudiantes are working with an artista hispano (hispanic artist); they have to:

1- write a biografía (biopgraphy) of the artista with a description of his/her arte.

2- They must choose a piece of work of the artist they like and write a paragraph of at least 200 palabras (words) explaining what that it means. Both, the piece of arte and the writing explanation must be in the poster board.

3- They have to create their own piece of art based on the emotions and fellings they get from the piece of work of the artist they chose. Also, they will have to write a paragraph of at least 250 palabras explaining their own piece of art they created. Both, the piece of arte and the writing explanation must be in the poster board.

4- All the above información (information) must be displayed together on a  poster board or cardboard.

La asamblea del mes de la Hispanidad  ( the asambly for the Hispanic Heritage mont)  is this martes 26 de octubre (Tuesday 26th);  Classrooms 304 and 314 are practising for the dances, they do not have to do the projects.

Also, so far this are the trabajos (assignments) for this new marking period:

4 grade : 1- El comic

5 y 6 grados:  1- Cabeza de Vaca (cultural comprehensive reading)

! Les deseo una semana muy bonita a la familia Ray!

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El tiempo es bueno todavia / Weather is still good

5th October 2010

!Hola, Hola! Esto es una playa en la ciudad de Ponce en Puerto Rico en el atardecer, preciosa, ¿ verdad? ( a beach in the city of Ponce in Puerto Rico at sunset, beautiful, right?)


The first making period is right here and these are all the assignments for each grade; this viernes/Friday is the last day to turn all the works.

4th grade:

– List of all the Hispanic Speaking countries

-The Hispanic flag

-The map of your class

-The list of all the continents and the different countries/Location of the countries and the continents.

-Exercises from the workbook pages 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

5th grade:

– Schedule of the classes

-Two actions for each class

-Continents and countries

– Map of continents and countries

– Exercises from the workbook pages 1,2,3 and 4

6th grade:

– List of vocabulary of body parts/List of vocabulary of clothing

– Physical description of two people/Description of the cloths of two people

– Continents and countries

-Maps of continents and countries

– Exercises from the work book pages 21,21,23 and 24.

Classes 314 and 304 have already started practising the dances that will be performed  in the Hispanic Heritage Assambly that will happen in October 26th; every student is excited and I can tell that if they keep the same level of commitment and intensity it will be a spectacular performance of both groups.

All classes will start doing the research in Mss. Zivko’s class  for the projects for the Hispanic Heritage month. 4th graders will be working on tourism brochures of hispanic countries; 5th graders will learn about hispanic writers and 6th graders with enjoy the creation of hispanic artists; I will post the rubrics for these project this coming week.

! Les deseo una semana muy bonita a todos Ustedes! I wish all of you a beautiful week!

By the way, I forgot, this is the link of the video that helped us to have an integrated activity. I hope you will enjoy it like we all do it in class:

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