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La Asamblea del Mes de la Hispanidad

2nd November 2010

Hola Familia Ray!¿ Cómo están Ustedes? !Por aquí todo está muy bien!
I posted some fotos (pictures) de la Asamblea de la Hispanidad and I want to thank to all the gente (people) that made this event a éxito (success) and specially to all the clases (classrooms) that performanced and specially gracias a los salones 304 y 314, !sóis los mejores! (you are the best).

Gracias también for the projects that you, mis estudiantes, did; 4th graders the folletos turísticos (turistic brochures), 5th los libros de escritores hispanos ( spanish writers books) and 6th los artistas hispanos (hispanic artists); I can say that the projects are muy buenos (very good)  and some are simply extraordinarios (extraordinaries). Still there are some students that have to turn their projects in!!!

This is what we are doing and what we have done so far in this second marking period:

4th grado:

1- El comic with the sentences of telling who we are and where we come from.

2/3- El projecto del folleto turístico (it counts for two assignments)

4- We have started the unidad (unit) of animales y colores (animals and colors) and we are working in the creation of a zoológico (zoo). The date line for the zoo is the end of the week (november 5th ).

El tigre (the tiger), El mono (the monkey), el oso (the bear), la cebra (the zebra) , el pinguino (the pinguin), el león (the lion), el tiburón (the shark), la vaca (the caw), el perro (the dog) , el delfín (the dolphin), la serpiente (the snake), el elefante (the elephant), el pez (the fish), el camello (the camel), la girafa (the giraff), el lagarto (the lizzard), la pantera (the panter), las aves (the birds), el caballo (the horse).

5th grado:

1- The reading about ‘Cabeza de Vaca’.

2/3- El projecto de los libros de los escritores hispanos (the hispanic writers books)

4- We have started the unit of body parts and description of things. Also we have started the creation of the monstruo (monster) and the description of its partes del cuerpo (body parts). Date line is this viernes Noviembre 11.

6th grado:

1- The reading about ‘Cabeza de Vaca’.

2/3- Projecto los artistas Hipanos (project of the hispanic artists)

4- Hemos comenzado (we have started) la unidad de los deportes y actividades  (sports and activities) and the projecto of the estadium o complejo deportivo (stadium or sport complex) will  due el viernes Noviembre 11.


Next Friday November 11th is the last day to turn all the assignments; report card is there and that Friday is the last day to have everything finish!!!


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