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!Los grados están aqui! Grades are here!

25th January 2011

This Friday there is no class, we, los  maestros (teachers) have to put  grades in the system.

Last day to turn any missing assignment is this Thursday 27th, jueves 27 de enero. Any assignment turned after this day will not count because GradeBook will not accept them.  No assignments after Thursday.

All the assignments are being posted on Gradebook.

! Qué tengan una buena semana ! Have a good week

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Queridos padres y tutores (Dear parents and tutors) I am posting the grades (grados) of the students on Gradebook. You can check assignments (trabajos), dates lines (plazos) and what the student is missing. !Muchas gracias! Go to this link to log in the parent portal:

12th January 2011

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! Feliz 2011 !

9th January 2011

!Hola familia Ray !  ! Feliz 2011! I hope that all of you have a beautiful break! I had it and now we ready to keep learning and enjoying.

The progress report went out and still there are students that miss assignments; those students can turn them in and the grade will change.

Report card is coming pretty soon this time, Tuesday 25th (martes 25 de enero) , January grades must be done, so, the last day for turning assignments/projects  will be Friday 21rst  (viernes 21 de enero) .

4th Grade

– there are students that did not complete the calendar (calendario) ; it must be turned no later than Friday 21rst.

– Last week we started the conjugations and how to say actions in Spanish.

– We also started the unit of  ” the School”  (la escuela) ; we will be able to recognize all the places of a school and what actions we do in all those places.

– This week we will learn all the places of a school, and I will write the directions for the project. We will have to create our own school while saying what we do in each location.

5th grade

– There are students that  did not complete the project of the four monsters (cuatro monsters) ; it must be turned no later than Friday 21rst.

– Last week we started reviewing conjugations.

– We started the unit of ” the house”  (la casa) , we will be able tho recognize the different parts of the house, inside and outside.

– We are going to create the house of our dreams  (la casa de nuestros sueños) and we will tell what we do in each of the places of the house of our dreams.

6th grade

– We keep working with our major project. These are the guide lines for the project that  must be turned in no later than Tuesday 18th:

1- Students will have $3,ooo to spend in a trip for a week in  (un viaje de una semana )a Spanish Speaking country.

2- Students will have the answers for the following questions in Spanish:

A- What is your destination? (you need to have , at least, three different places to visit in the same country)

B- What means of transportations do I use in my trip? (at least three different means of transportation must be use)

C- At what time and from where does your flight leave? ( you will need to have the answer for that question and also you will need to present a copy of the itinerary. You can use travel web sites like:,,

D- The students will have to present an itemized budget of the cost of tranportation, accomodation, food, personal expenses, gifts and other expenses that the student thinks  is going to have in the trip.

E- The students will have to tell three things that he/she does in every place that he/she visits.

F- The students will create a postcard from one of the places he/she is visiting and witing about how is the experience.

G- All the above written information  will be presented on a poster board or a similar display where visuals like pictures, drawings or any kind of art will help to understand the itinerary.

!Que tengan un semana muy bonita!  Have a beautiful week!

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