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! Hola Familia Ray!

9th March 2011

!Hola querida familia de Ray!

I hope that everything is great with all of you.

Espero que todo está bien con todos Ustedes.

Progress Report is going to be out today and for those students that did not complete all the assignments I really recommend them to complete them because Gradebook will make a final average for Report Card counting all the assignments, even the ones that we have in this marking period; no completing the ones that were no done before will affect the grade one more time. !Nadie quiere eso!, Nobody wants that!

The photographs from the last post were taken in the following lugares places, estaciones seasons, meses months and años years:

Fotografía 1 : Grand Canyon, Arizona.  Otoño, Noviembre. 2010

Fotografía 2:  Lake Michigan, Chicago. Invierno, Enero. 2009

Fotografía 3: Grand Park, Chicago. Otoño, Octubre. 2010

Fotografía 4: Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia. Primavera, Mayo. 2009

Fotografía 5:  Ponce, Puerto Rico. Primavera, Abril. 2007

Fotografía 6: Grand Canyon, Arizona. Otoño, Noviembre. 2010

Fotografía 7: Alicante, España. Verano, Julio. 2009

Fotografía 8: Asturias, Picos de Europa, España. Verano, Agosto. 2010

Fotografía 9: Antilope Canyon, Page, Arizona. Otoño, Noviembre. 2010

Muchas gracias a ,  thank you very much to Kayin Beaucchamp, Noah Smith and Mss. Butler because they were the first donors of photographs and postcards from their travels to ‘El Ricón del viajero”, I REALLY APPRECIATE THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS.

Very soon I will post new photographs and everybody will be able to guess the locations where they were taken.

El 13 de Abril, April 13th, we will have ” La 2 Edición de la Competión de Deletreo en Español” the II Edition of the Spanish Bee Competition; Next week we will start de play-offs in each class; three students will represent each class. I will post the names of all the contestants once the play-offs are completed.

This week los estudiantes are taking the ISAT test, the few classes that I will meet with this week will work with the list we are creating for the Spelling Bee Competition. That list will be the next assignment in this new marking period.

!Qué tengan todos una semana muy bonita!

Have everybody a very beautiful Week!

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