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28 de Noviembre

29th November 2011

4 Grade

The date line for turning the first project (El calendario) is this Thursday December 2nd.

The second assignment is:

The students will create 19 index cards for “Días de la semana” (days of the week) and “meses” (months).The students will write the name of each day of the week and the name of each mont in each index card. Also, they will draw a picture in each index card that represents something related to de day of the week and the month.

In the index cards for the days of the week they will also write a sentence saying where they go that day of the week.


El lunes yo voy al parque (On Monday I go to the park)

5 Grade

The date line for the first assignment is this Thursday December 2nd.

For the second assignment the students have to create bill of euros for the following numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000

In each “billete” (bill) they will write the number, the word Euro and also the student will write the number out.

6 Grade

We are adding the photocopy of the professions to the three parts of the first assignment. The date line for this first assignment is Thursday December 2nd.

The second assignment will have:

1- The notes in Spanish of the four different periods of Egypt and the notes of Nefertitus.

2- The project of Nefertitus:

The student will make the map of a city we are going to call Nefertitus; this map will have:

a- It will be located next to the Nile River.

b- The map will have some references of the irrigation system, of papyrus, of “jeroglíficos”, of pyramids and of technology to build pyramids (all these references or drawings have to be labeled in Spanish)

c- You will create houses or spaces for, at least, 15 different professions (You will have to label those professions in Spanish).

d- The student will have to write two full sentences for each profession saying what each profession does.

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21 de Noviembre

21st November 2011



The date line for the 2012 Calendar project is this Wednesday 23 and let me remind you the guide lines of the project:

1- You will design a 2012 “calendario” with 12 “meses” (months) the way you want.

2- each “semana” (week) needs to start with “lunes” (Monday) and ends with “domingo” (Sunday)

3- At least, 2 “meses” will have the days with numbers and letters.

4- Each “mes” will have, at least, two importan dates in Spanish. Example: El tres de mayo es mi cumpleaños.

5- You can use art in your “calendario”



The first assignments of this new marking period is the following:

The students have the list of all the item of clothing and they will have have $1,000 to buy clothes for the monster that goes on vacation;

They will have to buy clothes to travel to Alaska and they will have to buy clothes to travel to Africa. In those two list they will write the item of clothing that they are buying and the price with the number and the letters. Of course, they will decide the prices of the items of clothing.


For the first assignment of this marking period we have so far:

– Write 5 full sentences of professions you like and 5 fullsentences of professions you do not like.

-Write where the ten professions (you like you do not like) work. With full sentences.

-Also, keeping with your ten professions, write two full sentences saying what each profession does.




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!Hola Familia Ray en el Otoño 2011! Hello Ray Family Fall 2011!

15th November 2011

 4th Grade we have started a new lesson: ‘El Calendario’  con  ‘meses’ y ‘días’. Eventually we will have to create a 2012 Calendar. I will give the directions very soon.


5th Grade: we have started the lesson of ‘Las Ropas’/the clothes. I will post very soon the first assignment.


6th Grade: “Las profesiones” is the lesson we have started. We have the first part of the first assignment:

Students have to answer  with full  sentences the two following questions (five answers for each question):

A) ¿ Qué profesiones te gustan?

B) ¿ Qué profesiones no te gustan?

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