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After Progress Report

13th December 2011

! Hola!

The time to turn assignments for this new marking period is over tomorrow Miércoles 14 de diciembre (Wednesday 14th, December). After this date those students that are missing assignments will have till

1- Miércoles 21 de diciembre (Wednesday  21 , December) to turn them in with a decrease of a 20%.

2- Any of those missing assignment will get a 40% off if they are turn in after Wednesday 21, December 

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Progress Report

8th December 2011

This coming Wednesday 14th is the last day that I accept assignments, progress report is alm0st here!


4th Grade assignments:

1- The calendar

2-The Index cards

3- What do you like and what you do not like in the park, in the school, in Chicago and in your house (two sentences for “me gusta” (I like) and two sentences for “no me gusta” ( I do not like) for each of those four places. Also, with a drawing of yourself.

4- Photocopies pages 35, 36, 37 and 38.

We have been working with assignments 3 and 4 for more than a week.

5th Grade assignments:

1- The clothes of the monster with the prices

2- Los billetes (the bills)

3- The desciption of three family members and also the students have to make five comparations between themselves and the monster they created in the past.

6th Grade assignments:

1 – Write 5 full sentences of professions you like and 5 full sentences of professions you do not like.

-Write where the ten professions (you like you do not like) work. With full sentences.

-Also, keeping with your ten professions, write two full sentences saying what each profession does.

-The photocopy of the professions

2- The project of Nefertitus:

The student will make the map of a city we are going to call Nefertitus; this map will have:

a- It will be located next to the Nile River.

b- The map will have some references of the irrigation system, of papyrus, of “jeroglíficos”, of pyramids and of technology to build pyramids (all these references or drawings have to be labeled in Spanish)

c- You will create houses or spaces for, at least, 15 different professions (You will have to label those professions in Spanish).

d- The student will have to write two full sentences for each profession saying what each profession does.

3- The notes in Spanish of the four different periods of Egypt and the notes of Nefertitus.

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