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!Hola! !Report Card está muy cerca! Report Card is very close!

26th October 2012

This week we are working with animals and colors and we have a new assigment, the dateline for that assigment is Tuesday 3oth, October. Please, go to the Assigment/Trabajos 4th grade section to see the details of the assigment.

I want to remember that some students were missing homeworks and assigments when Progress Report came and that gave them a low grade. They still can turn the homeworks and assigments but THE LAST DAY TO TURN  MISSING ASSIGMENTS AND HOMEWORKS IN  IS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH. After that day I will not accept assigments for the first quarter! (homeworks is 30%, assigments 40% and daily work 30% of the final grade)

!Deseo que todo esté bien con todos Ustedes!

Have a great week!


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16 de Octubre 2012

17th October 2012



progress report is already here. Those students that did not turn in all the homeworks and the assignment still can turn them in to change and improve their grade . If the students do not make up those assignments the grade will not improve.

We do have two new homeworks. You can go to the Homework/Trabajo link and see the description of both homeworks.


These week we are working with the construction in Spanish of “How much/how many?, There is/there are.


Have a beautiful week!

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8th October 2012

This Wednesday is the last day for 4th grade students to:

– to turn in the assigment we did (the flag of one Hipanic Speaking Country).

– to turn in the homework/trabajo sheet with the three homeworks we did these first weeks of school.

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1st October 2012





This week we will work in the 4th grade class with:

– Identify  classroom objects

– Inquire about someone

– Identifying hispanic flags

– Use numbers in everyday situations

– Geography vocabulary


We already have one assignment (the first one), you can see the description of it if you go to the page Assignment/Trabajos in this blog. Also, we have three tareas/homeworks that you can see in the link of homeworks/tareas.


Have a great week!

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