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Summary of homeworks and assigments!

20th December 2012



This week we started working with the unit:  ” La Escuela”. We will learn the different places of the school, how to go to the different places of the school.

These are the works we have so far that count for progress report:

1- The 2013 Spanish calendar.

2- A drawing for each of these community places:  el cine, el supermercado, el parque, la escuela, la casa, la tienda. Also, one sentence for each place saying what day of the day I go to that place. Example: Yo voy al cine el domingo. All the sentences in Spanish.

3- The student will have to cut six stripes of paper and he/she will write a sentence saying where he/she goes and what day of the day he/she goes. One sentence on each stripe. Everything in Spanish.

4- The map of a school

5- The world map of the school

Ray University


 These are the works for we have been working with; they will count  for progress report:

1- The skeleton with the body parts in Spanish.

2- The visual draft of the project Myself and my world.

3- The geometrical shapes (two rectagulars, two triangles, two circles and one square) with the six verbs on one side and the six sentences on the other for each of the seven cathegories of the final project.

4- The final project of Myself with the visuals, drawings or pictures, also the writing information for the seven cathegories: La comunidad, la escuela, la familia, la salud, los amigos, las aficiones and la comida

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