Señor. Martin


!Hola, hola, hola de nuevo!

27th September 2012


Hello again Ray family!


This week in 4th grade class we worked with greetings, with numbers and with Spanish speaking countries. We are learning where all those countries are located. 

For the third homework, the studetns have to write the name of the country in Spanish in a empty map I provided of the Americas.

Please, por favor, check the spanish binder  with your child; I am encouraging them to keep their binders organized, it will be much easier for them to follow the class, to follow their notes and also they will feel proud of themselves.

Por favor, check the PAGE homework/tarea to see the description of the three homeworks/tareas we have so far. 

! Qué tengan un fin de semana muy bonito!, have a beautiful weekend1

The picture was taken this summer in a small town in Cataluña (España)! Great window!

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