Señor. Martin


!Hola! !Report Card está muy cerca! Report Card is very close!

26th October 2012

This week we are working with animals and colors and we have a new assigment, the dateline for that assigment is Tuesday 3oth, October. Please, go to the Assigment/Trabajos 4th grade section to see the details of the assigment.

I want to remember that some students were missing homeworks and assigments when Progress Report came and that gave them a low grade. They still can turn the homeworks and assigments but THE LAST DAY TO TURN  MISSING ASSIGMENTS AND HOMEWORKS IN  IS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH. After that day I will not accept assigments for the first quarter! (homeworks is 30%, assigments 40% and daily work 30% of the final grade)

!Deseo que todo esté bien con todos Ustedes!

Have a great week!


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