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This post is for my 4th grade students, my Spanish minor students and my Spanish mayor students (in that order)

27th November 2012



This Monday was the date-line to turn in the calendar for 2013 in Spanish. This calendar is an assigment and assigments are 40% of the final grade. There are some students that have not turned them in yet.

This week we will work :

-to talk to places and to talk about where we go on different days of the week.




We are working with the project about ourselves. Last week and this week we are working with:

– La Escuela, the school and these are the following verbs that we will use to talk about ourselves at the school:

1-Aprender (to learn)     2-  trabajar (to work)       3- pensar (to think)     4-  conseguir (to acomplish)     5- escuchar ( to listen)     6- leer (to read).

– La Familia, and these are the verbs that we will use to talk about ourselves and our families:

1- amar (to love)     2- establecer (to bond)    3- confiar     (to trush)     4- discutir (to argue)     5- apoyar (to support)     6- cuidar (to care)

Students will create sentences in Spanish using the 12 verbs. Each sentence will have a subject + verb+ complement.

So far we have two homeworks:

-The skeleton with the body parts in Spanish

– The visual design of the project about Ourselves.



We are working with the project of the short movie.

This week we need to have the story in English with  fifteen Spanish words  inserted in the text. Seven of those 15 words have to be verbs.

We will start working with the second part of the project that is to have eight different drawings that will represent the eight different shots that our short movies will have. Each drawing will have, at least,   a sentence in Spanish with the translation in English. Those sentences will be the lines of the short movie. In addition to that we need to specify  the type of camera shot we will be using  for each shot .

The previous information will be the work of this week.


So far we have two icebreakers and two homeworks (icebreakers and homeworks are 30% of the final grade)



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