Señor. Martin


13th March 2013

Progress report was just released. Those students that are missing homeworks or assignments can turn those in. 4th and 5th graders will have 20% in those works for being late and 6th grades will have a 40% decrease in those assignments.

This week we are working with;


We have just started with how are we feeling and ask others about their feelings. We will work with feelings and states of mind. We will be able to tell things like I am tired, I am cold, I am hungry….etc, and to ask others to express how they are doing.

We will do exercises using art and oral activities to reinforce the objectives of the lesson.


At the end of this lesson we will be able to describe people’s personalities,  people’s physical appearance and also we will be able to express comparations of superiority and inferiority.

We will create a a personal profile with our own description of ourselves and also we will describe a somebody of our election.


We are working with the political organization of  Tykal and Chicago. Students will create a visual description of the duties and responsabilities of the diferent leaders of both cities. Each representative will have a a sentence where we will use the present simple of the verb, also a sentence with a command and the title in Spanish. Everything will have a visual display.

This project will be the end of the Unit that works this Professions.

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